Home, and home of the Tantric Heart

I have one more whole week to go before I return home, and I will be so ready to return home. I have a blessed life waiting me. With so much love and deliciousness. And with just the right challenges I need for my growth.

I long to see some special people and one special cat. I long to live a full summer at the cottage with Emma. I long to embrace and be embraced. To breathe and be breathed. I long to conclude my present work of writing, and to start the process of looking for new copywriting commitment (email me if you have ideas, I’m avaliable from August!). I long to teach and to meet my yoga students. I long for the Yoga Festival at Ängsbacka. I long for my tribe sisters and brothers. Long for rides on my favorite, big bike. I long for fresh, Swedish summer’s air. For many, many swims. I long for my home and its scents. I long for Swedish summer – sweet delight of realities.

And yet I love it here in Santa Monica. Love it, love it, love it. All at once: The longing and missing, and the pleasure of now. The love of home and the love of away. The inner freedom and the personal constraints. The light and the shadows. The healed, and the aching wounds. The jumping off the cliff, and the petrifying moment before jumping. The raw. The sophisticated. The All inclusive, embracing Tantric Way.


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