Switzerland March 2020: Embody Your Future Self WKNDs of conscious dance and meditation

Embody Your Future Self
Breaking the Matrix  

BASEL March 14-15
LAUSANNE March 20-22

Embodied Soul Dance meditations with Yin Yoga with Mia Hozona (Stockholm)

We welcome you to an opportunity to drop into your soul and get access to deeply embodied healing and creativity. We welcome you to a dance journey in embodied consciousness and the genius of your happiest place: your dancing body, your heart center, your soul, and your quantum ability to create and manifest!

– We will be grounding in versions of embodied Yin Yoga, on blankets and cushions, anchoring into the Now and all of your body
– Weaving onwards into Embodied Soul Coaching practices for the heart and mind, to identify your longings, dream, loves, and prayers 
– Unfolding into healing and creative expression in Embodied Soul Dance with delicious music from all over the world. You’ll be guided through pause and movement, into the joy of embodying your future self
– Seated, guided meditation and breath will also be part of this weekend. 

The power of coming together for a weekend to repeat weaving into this energetic weave, cannot be underestimated! The repetition has a wonderful natural tendency to cancel old programs and create new neuro circuits in our brains and bodies. Through the guided relaxation into your bodies (physical, mental, emotional), you’ll connect to the freedom and beauty of expanding into the quantum – where you are connected to all possibilities. 

This workshop offers transformational work to amp up your light, your frequency, and your magic. It’s both very healing and very creative, empowering work – based in the joy of pausing, moving and playing: alone and together. 

Everyone is welcome. You need no previous experience. We all begin exactly where we are. If your heart smiles and calls you in, come join us! 

Booking coming soon.

Testimonials from previous workshop:

“This was extraordinary. Mia, I hardly knew what I signed up for, more than it included dance. I just knew that I needed to be there. And then… it was endlessly wonderful! I feel new, whole, curious, alive, and healed. I hardly know how to describe it J but I need to thank you, from deep within!” – Monica, Embody Your Future Self

”I have been deeply ugraded from this workshop. I am new. I am in awe. I am unlimited. So grateful, and so excited to continue life with these new tools!!” – Anna, Embody Your Future Self 

”Embodied Souldance with Mia Hozona is medicine, medicine, medicine. Mia guides straight from her heart, soft compassion, soft voice, soft being-ness. Go, people, go dance!” – Stina, Embodied Soul Dance

”Mia Hozona is magic! If you haven’t been to her Soul Dance Friday’s yet, come on! It’s a pure arrive-in-your-body-and-heart-and-infintiy experience. Be there, just be! Be yourself!” – Christina, Embodied Soul Dance 

“You gave me the courage to dance. I don’t know how it happened, but I found myself suddenly in free movement, enjoying the music, and allowing myself to feel what I was feeling. It liberated so much joy and happiness. I am deeply grateful.” – Richard, Embodied Soul Dance

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