Change Your Mind … Create New Results

– a training developed by Dr Joe Dispenza. Taught by Mia Hozona Billing, trained and certified by Dr Joe Dispenza and NeuroChange Solutions

CHANGE YOUR MIND … CREATE NEW RESULTS is a coached program based on neuroscience to create personal sustainable change, and to unlock human potential.

By participating in this event, we ask that you bring your biggest challenges and habits that you wish to overcome, and goals that you long to achieve.

1:1 Individual Programs

Educational and transformational coaching in embodied self leadership from your highest state of consciousness
with Mia Hozona

Du kommer att gå vidare i livet i en ny version av dig själv, med helt nya verktyg baserade i conscious embodiment, kvantfysik, och yogisk holistisk visdom. Du får en grundläggande uppfattning om hjärnans neuroplasticitet (förmåga att omorganisera sig).

Du kommer att förstå energimodeller för frekvens, vibration och medvetande, modellen för dina fem kroppar [koshas] av energi, och hur varje tanke och känsla skapar ett resultat. Möjlighet också att lära dig om självreglering vid stress och högsensitivitet HSP.

Gamla undermedvetna dysfunktionella program identiferas och mister sin kraft. Läkning sker under processen. Nya medvetet valda nervbanor skapas för att ersätta de gamla och forma den tillvaro du vet att du drömmer om och är ämnad för – både i din inre och yttre miljö.

The 1:1 QLC coaching
Applications for the 6 month program

Mia will coach you intuitively depending on what you and your body at the time of the session express as the core topics to address. However, here is a general outline of what you can expect your sessions to take you through:

1) Energetic inventory
We begin the first session with you sharing your intentions for the work. Your longing, your wishes, and how you feel at the moment. Mia helps you with an energetic inventory of your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, pains, traumas. We also check in with your physical body, and perhaps even your soul alignment. Seeing where there is balance and imbalance.

2) Education
You will understand models of frequency and consciousness (3D-4D-5D), the five bodies of energy [koshas], the cause and effect of thought and emotion. How to work these systems in your favour for energy coherence, which ulitmately gives you power to choose and master higher degrees of self leadership. All lectures will relate to your personal topic or situation.

3) Changing your energy. Quantum healing
Often we are shown that the body under stress has stored emotions and contracted energy, as a defence and protection mechanism. Many time it is sufficient to release these blockages of energy with presence awareness in a session, and at times additional quantum healing is a great option.

Basically what we do is a) identifying unconscious beliefs and thought patterns, b) releasing them (in either of the two ways above), and c) replacing them with new, consicously chosen patterns. This is the beginning of creating new neural circuits, for you to maintain and establish by contiuing to work them in your daily life outside the sessions.

4) Sealing the old. Embodying your future self
This part is about recalibration and of upgrading you into the new version(s) of yourself. We collapse your old timelines, structures and programs. You will be coached clearly how to bring yourself out of your past and into your future

5) Tools for life
You will understand and learn how to apply embodied tools to continue your dimensional and practical self leadership. This is the embodiment of the upgraded you.

After your 4 foundational sessions, you can design an individual program with Mia. Many clients find what they came for in the four sessions alone, and, sometimes, return six or 12 months later to recharge and upgrade in more sessions. Often however, four sessions has proven to be enough.


[June 9/2019]
“Mia. It is such a powerful feeling and hard to fully understand that Tina 2.0 is here to stay.

When I came to you, I was tormented by sleepless nights, I hadn’t slept a whole night for probably 30 years. Life felt like an endless, impos­si­ble everyday puzzle and in my stomach I carried a big, black lump of anxiety.
On my birthday, I decided to give life back to myself. That was the day I booked Soul Coaching with you.

You and your Embodied Soul Coaching / Healing are the best thing that has happened to me.

We managed to disarm and dissolve the trauma that was firmly rooted far down in my belly. My body started to dance and sing of life. Literally!!!

The fact that I started sleeping whole nights directly after my first session, I had never even dared to dream of.

Today I feel 100% exuberant and full of life. When or if I should fall back into my trauma, you have given me the tools to handle it (it has not happened to this day). Old fears are like blown away, gone, and I love all the new dimensions and nuances of life that I now experience every day.

There are not words big enough to describe my gratitude to you Mia. You are pure magic.”

[2,5 months later, August 26/2019]
“I’ve been thinking about you so much this summer.

I can’t remember ever having such inner peace in my body as I do now. I still sleep at night.

I have become so fond of my husband that I almost left before. I feel so stable and happy with myself.

It feels so surreal, yet this feeling stays on and just keeps growing.

I am so grateful for what you have done for me, there’s is not one day when I wake up and realize that I had another wonderful nights rest, that I think of you and feel immense humility over what you managed to free me from.”

– Tina L, Accountant Manager, Stockholm

[7 januari 2020]
“Beloved Mia! 

I find it hard to put into words what you have meant and mean to my life. But without you I probably would not still be here.

The knowledge and the tools that you gave me, kept me above the surface while in the darkest place, kept me alive. I am so incredibly grateful that you came into our lives, as my therapist but also as a magic human being.

Once I stood up again, you guided me not only towards a ground under my feet but also a genomströmmande power of light energy.

I am far from done with my journey, I don’t think we ever are – but I have come far. I dare to stand, dare to believe, dare to hope, and dare to see a future for me and my daughter.

Thank you for standing next to us and being by our side. Thank you for coming into our lives, thank you for being completely amazing!

I wish for everyone to have a Mia in their lives. It would make the world a better place.”

– Filippa, Physiotherapist, Stockholm

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