✨What do you love? What do you long to be, live, or live more of? There is a place in your heart that knows – and that trusts what it knows!

✨When we embody our heart energy, our physical heart hooks up with and send instructions to our brain. This coherence and unity is such a powerhouse for us to be in alignment, trust, intuition, health, and a deeper sense of self-leadership.

✨The new paradigm leadership is the quantum, dimensional, embodied way of leading from your heart-brain alignment, not just from a mental, thinking perspective. And not just in linear time.

✨In my effort to contribute to this conscious evolution, I’ve recorded a free, embodiment based Drop Into Your Soul audio meditation on how to instantly re:connect with your heart energy – the gateway to your happiest place of quantum genius.

✨I’ve made this meditation into an audio recording so that you can lay back, close your eyes, be screen free and just listen, while applying the medicine and transformation for happier, healthier life choices and the courage to trust your inner guidance.

The beautiful music is composed by Conny Laxell.

So much love,
Mia Hozona



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