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A weekend retreat with Prana Flow yoga and dance …

The Universe having fun

So I return from four weeks of dance heaven (and friendly, polite California). Tuesday reality: pretty darn square office work (and stiff looking, impolite Swedes) (not at work).

But low and behold, how the Universe is at play.

At the office where I earn my bread, we have this weird box on trial. People are supposed to vote whether they sympathize with the idea of such a “phone zone” – but my colleagues have instead been joking around with it over the weeks it’s been around. It´s been disguised as a space shuttle, a game show cube (“På Spåret”) and other silly-creative versions.

Today it was transformed into … Studio 54!

A dance studio cube, smack next to my desk. With John Travolta stayin’ alive on video, a disco ball, and other essentials for a dance abstinent. How unlikely is THAT?

In my Universe a rather likely unlikely reflection to manifest. If it’s strong – it’s strong! :-)20110622-164034.jpg


Gotta dance

“I went to church,
but God wasn’t there;
I said everybody’s prayers
Till something deep inside me cried,
“I need the beat to be satisfied.”
I got off my knees and on my feet
Took my rock & roll prayers
back on the street.
I gotta dance,
Gotta dance.”

~ Gabrielle Roth
(Founder of 5Rhythms)