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Looking for happiness? Try mindfulness.

It’s enlightening when you look closely at it, the balance between outer paradises and inner bliss.

A sunny, warm, comfortable day in the surf is certainly a gift in many ways. Yet it’s how I perceive such outer circumstance inside of me, that means anything.

If unhappy (or ungrateful, dark, self-centered, greedy, fill in the blank) inside – there’s no way an external paradise beach will make me fulfilled. Take it from one whose lived on that beach, wanting to die.

But when I am grateful for the blessings I have been given in my now, this moment – and there are such abundance of blessings to count, and be aware of – I am in Paradise inside. I can even just close my eyes and imagine blessings that I wish for, and be happy. Because happiness is always inside of me.

How big is that for a choice?! How challenging, yet possible, is that for a living?!

In that, we are all truly free. That great practice of living. Of Yoga within.

This lifetime is so full of learning, no wonder we need 8 hours of sleep at night to restore!