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Dear woman sister.

Are you ready to be the new paradigm leader in your areas of life?

I say: if you’ve been guided to read this, you most probably are. Or you will be.

The new paradigm leadership is the quantum intelligent way of leading from ALL your bodies, not just the mental body. The new paradigm leadership is based in intimate connection with your quantum self (or Higher Self), through conscious relationship with your SOUL.

This way of leading balances the divine Feminine with the sacred Masculine. It begins with conscious self leadership: it begins with YOU.

In my effort to contribute my five cents to this conscious evolution, I am creating a free online video series How To instantly re:connect with your SOUL – the gateway to your HAPPIEST place of QUANTUM GENIUS!


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Looking for happiness? Try mindfulness.

It’s enlightening when you look closely at it, the balance between outer paradises and inner bliss.

A sunny, warm, comfortable day in the surf is certainly a gift in many ways. Yet it’s how I perceive such outer circumstance inside of me, that means anything.

If unhappy (or ungrateful, dark, self-centered, greedy, fill in the blank) inside – there’s no way an external paradise beach will make me fulfilled. Take it from one whose lived on that beach, wanting to die.

But when I am grateful for the blessings I have been given in my now, this moment – and there are such abundance of blessings to count, and be aware of – I am in Paradise inside. I can even just close my eyes and imagine blessings that I wish for, and be happy. Because happiness is always inside of me.

How big is that for a choice?! How challenging, yet possible, is that for a living?!

In that, we are all truly free. That great practice of living. Of Yoga within.

This lifetime is so full of learning, no wonder we need 8 hours of sleep at night to restore!