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The wisdom of Free Form Movement

This drawing is inspired by this text (page 21) in Yoga Spandakarika – The Sacred Texts at the Origins of Tantra by the great Daniel Odier:

“The essential idea of Tantrism is that the things that make us suffer are blockage of the internal circular movement, blockages that we arbitrarily impose upon ourselves. This is what we call contraction of the Shakti. When there are no more blockage of internal movement, everything can circulate endlessly.

We are no longer obsessed with making things fixed, and experience becomes more intense because movement can now come into all its fullness. The more we accentuate movement, the more it coincides with the true nature of the mind. This brings us that profound joy, that sensation of bliss, for suddenly everything can come forward, reveal itself, and disappear in a vast, unending movement. No longer is there localization of the body. The body becomes a much more refined instrument than it is when we are in a system of linear thought.

We discover that all limits are arbitrary. We discover that there is a physical and mental expansion, absolutely limitless, into which we can enter, and which we can taste at every single moment.”