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FEAR – the most powerful aspect of the ego, that takes so many forms, and ia a master if delusion, but also can be the vehicle to real Freedom under right guidance, faith, and courageous practice.

Practice of overcoming my fear of other peoples anger this month:

Saying no.
Setting limits for myself.
Choosing confrontation.

My ego trembles. *phew*


The Field and the Knower

Those who know truly are free from pride and deceit. The are gentle, forgiving, upright, and pure, devoted to their spiritual teacher, filled with inner strength, and self-controlled.

Free from selfish attachment, they do not get compulsively entangled even in home and family. They are even-minded through good fortune and bad. Their devotion to Me is undivided. Enjoying solitude and not following the crowd, they only seek me. This is true knowledge, to seek the Self as the true end of wisdom always. To seek anything else is ignorance.

[Bhagavad Gita]


Chapter Four

As the heat of a fire reduces wood to ashes, the fire of Knowledge burns to ashes all karma. Nothing in this world purifies like spiritual wisdom.

~ Krishna


Sunday, cottage Sunday…




Emmas Morgondopp

Det vackra Livet.
I skärgården.



Guru Poornima

Photos by myself, words I read today by Nixa de Bellis (Yogini de luxe in NYC):

take a minute now: remember your greatest influential beings, in the chronological order of your lifetime, and in the light of the fullest moon RECALL, REMEMBER AND RECOGNIZE the gifts you’ve received. Swell with Gratitude, like a big bright moon… Happy Guru Purnima!




Life på landet, more of






Life på landet

Ombytta roller på landet: Mora Katt och jag möts i dörren. Hon för att gå in på lådan, jag för att hå ut bakom busken.


Full spectrum

I truly had this kind of last 24 hours. Full spectrum technicolor. Angels coming down that bow of rain and into my life. Delight, joy and tenderness. And some 5R dancing to end my day…


Prana Flow Yoga på Borntorpet 26-28 augusti

Välkommen till Borntorpet för en berikande helg i Prana Flow Yoga.
Vi njuter augustisommar i vackraste Bergslagen, Borntorpets goda mat, och fyller oss med djupaste yogisk prana inför höstens ankomst.

Läs allt om helgen här.

Max 16 deltagare.
Anmälan sker direkt till Borntorpet.
Varmt, varmt välkommen!

A planet full of Love

Beautiful simplicity and abundance in oneness. The wind breathing the birch trees surrounding me. The sun creating shadows in a dance on the ground.

Mother Earth, such a beautiful planet full of Love.

My feet and legs walking bare through the high grass. Skippy-hippy-swirling over the ground, in dancing steps – this whole day, a special day: Happy Birthday wonderful Jo!




Blessed Soothing Moon

We love you ….

One moon ago I was in Topanga, Malibu, for one exquisite and very beautiful evening to always remember.

This upcoming full moon – Guru Poornima – will be dearly bowed to, celebrated, enjoyed. To follow on Thursday…

For now…. the soon full moon and I bid the world good night by the dark, still waters in the archipelago. A warm night holds me, as I send our love and prayers to the Moon in Space shimmering gold onto our blessed Earth water. OM shanti shanti shanti….


Borntorpet Shambala

Spend the most delicious weekend at yoga community Borntorpet Shambala Gatherings. So beautifully located on a pristine lake in the forrests of Bergslagen in Sweden. My friend Jonas and I went to visit the present kula residing there, a group of yoga practicioners living Ashram Weeks under the guidance of dear friends Annki Warberg and Klas Landahl. Yum!

I immersed in lots of food, lots of raw cake, lots of swims in the lake, lots of amazing loving people and friends, lots of laughter, lots of good conversation. Thank you every single one at Shambala.

August 26-28 I return to Borntorpet to give a Prana Flow Yoga weekend retreat. Join us!!! More info will be posted very shortly. If you want to reach us before then, please email: yoga [at] littlewing[.]se

Johan Svanborg & Jonas Klingberg and Borntorpet

Decorated by Maria and Annki - my most beautifullest sisters!!

On my way to play the flute. It's a late evening, the lake a mirror.

Min egen fotograf

Ni vet alla de fina turkosa bilderna här på hemsidan? De brände vi av i vår första photo shoot, som finns dokumenterad här.

Härom dagen var det dags för ett nytt yoginiporträtt, och min egen fotograf knäppte den här vid min älsklingstall, hos mina föräldrar.

Fotograf: Therese Ekblom

No Shoes Life

De följer inte ens med. Om jag inte ska ända till stan. Skorna.

Jag lever mitt barfotaliv. P E A C E




Living Room

Idag jobbar jag här. Studiedag. Bok, penna, kaffe. 3 minuter från torpet. Tack! Tack igen!





Action makes Freedom

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

— Will Rogers


Yoga in Flow

To embody the flow in yoga
is to enter the continuous stream
of living yoga.

~ Shiva Rea


Happy Birthday Advice

Two pieces of birthday advice.

1. Forget about the past. You can’t change it.

2. Forget about the present. I didn’t get you one.

– unknown, Hallmark