Workshops and Lectures

Sacred Sisterhood and Spaceholder Circles. Att leda cirklar och att “hålla space”.
How to set up Women’s Sharing Community Circles. The art of holding space (without burning out!)

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Vad är din Soul Mission? Manifestation, kraft och längtan!

What is your Soul Mission? Unlocking your manifestation powers in alignment with your calling!

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Embodied SoulDance workshops
Deep transformation. Pause. Release. Joy!
Authentic listening and relating with your self.
Find your movement from inspiration, not distraction.
Make art. Receive medicine. 

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Yoga & Embodiment Workshops
The Zen of Yin
Embodying the Heart of the Soul
Embodying the Elemental Flow
Deepened Embodiment
Embodiment of the Elements and Chakras (two parts)

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Masterclasses & Lectures
Yoga and Music
Embodiment and the Koshas
The Yoga of Joy and Ultimate Health of Presence

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