Totem animals 2012

During the Magic Midsummer’s Eve at Borntorpet Shambala, I was laying at the lake when two cuckoo birds flew over my body, from head to toe and away. From North to South, the direction I was laying. The first one quiet, the second one singing as it flew, and therein having my attention. Cuckoo-cuckoo. Cuckoo-cuckoo. Never before did I hear a cuckoo bird sing as it was flying.

The totem animal Cuckoo shows that it now is a time for new beginnings, a new fate. It shows which direction to take. Native Americans also say that one may notice feet sensitivity as the cuckoo attunes the senses. I cut both my feet within 24 hours after seeing them. ;)

In Tibet’s most ancient tradition the cuckoo was considered the king of birds and magical powers were attributed to it. For Buddhists, the sound of the cuckoo is evocative of the 6-verse text, The Cuckoo’s Song of Total Presence. This fundamental Dzogchen text concerns the universally permeating nature of Mind — non-dual, non-discursive, radiant, spontaneous and free.

This bird is certainly one of this summer’s totem animals for me. It was also the one leading me through the 5th Portal of myVenus Transit meditation on June 6th. And the one who was there the very moment after the meditation had ended …

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